Tips for a Healthy Christian Marriage

Marriage is a sacred bond between two souls that should be nurtured.

A true Christian marriage doesn’t end when the ceremony is over. It is a lifetime commitment made in God’s presence.

In a Christian marriage, couples promise to be there for their partners “for better or for worse, till death do they part”.

However, there are instances where a relationship becomes painful and complicated.

When this happens, some people just give up and leave the relationship to deteriorate.

However, divorce is not an option in a Christian marriage. Instead, working hand in hand with your partner to turn your bad marriage into a good one is the right thing to do.

Here are some tips to help you build a healthy Christian Marriage:

Learn from the Bible

Marriage is one of the most important sacraments in a Christian life. As such, there are lots of materials that talk on how to resolve conflicts within a marriage, keeping a marriage and rebuilding a marriage.

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For Christians, it is believed that the best place to find accurate information about marriage is the Holy Bible.  The Scriptures should serve as your guide to a God-centered life, regardless of your personal situation.

However, it is especially vital for a married couple to turn to Bible for some much-needed insight on how put the Lord at the center of your relationship.

As you go through the Scriptures together, you’ll realize that any bond forged in this world will only survive with the presence and help of the Almighty.

Therefore, any couple – whether in good shape or in dire straits – should consult with the Bible because it contains countless life lesson that you can apply in your own life.

Learn the Importance of Reciprocation

As the famous teaching says, you should do unto your partner as how you’d like your partner to do unto you. As such, any marriage stands to benefit greatly from maintaining a constructive of give and take.

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However, some might say that this ideal set up doesn’t really apply in an actual relationship. The main obstacle to making reciprocation possible often lies within a partner’s capacity to give without expecting anything in return.

A common problem in a relationship is when someone makes the effort to please his/her partner while begrudging the lack of a mutual exchange at the same time.

It’s very unhealthy to contribute to a marriage while bearing ill will towards your spouse for not returning the favor.

Whenever you give to the relationship, it must be done freely without demanding that your partner do the same.

While that appears to go against the concept of reciprocation, you’ll find that this is actually the only way to encourage a genuine atmosphere of give-and-take.

Remember, preserving the sacred union that you made in God’s presence is hardly a perfect process. It takes a conscious effort to sustain the health of your marriage, so taking responsibility is must.

If you want to enjoy the benefits and joys of marriage, you need to put in the effort required to make it work.

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