How to Deal With Adultery Caused by Your Cheating Spouse

Finding out that your spouse is guilty of infidelity is one of the most difficult things to accept in your marriage.

The betrayal feels like having your heart chopped into a million pieces.

Anger, perhaps, feels like the most immediate and natural reaction anyone would have upon discovery of their spouse’s infidelity.

The hot, seething rage can seem so great that you might burst into a heap of flames at any given moment.

What’s worse, knowing that the sanctity of your marriage has been breached will create a chasm of distrust between you and your partner.

Now that your world has been crushed, how can you ever bring yourself to love your spouse as you did before?

After all the faith and trust you invested in your marriage, why does it all have to come crashing down like this?

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While the bitter sting of betrayal is something incredibly difficult to handle, it’s well within your power to get past this tribulation in your life. Here are some tips on how to cope with infidelity:

1.Take a Break

With anger also comes the desire to physically harm the parties responsible for your emotional torment. After all, you are the aggrieved party so violence seems like a fitting option.

Ask yourself, does lashing out solve anything? Will hurting your spouse or the third party undo the damage it has already been done, or will it just compound the issue?

Take control of yourself and never let your feelings impair your better judgment. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your emotions no matter how bad a situation is.

It is wise to vent your frustrations away from your partner. Your most immediate objective is to prevent yourself from shouting or saying violent things in the heat of the moment. It only takes less than a minute to do something you might regret for a long time.

Remember that you have to be a mature adult in handling these issues. Take advantage of the time away from your partner; make use of this period to calm yourself so you can think clearly.

2. Find a Support Group

They say misery loves company. In reality, it is easier to deal with an emotional blow if you are surrounded by people who also feel the pain that you are going through.

There are many support groups found within local communities that can see you through this difficult time.

However, don’t limit your support group only to fellow victims of infidelity. Your friends and family will also be a really big help in this regard.

Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with the people you trust and those who will lend a shoulder to cry on.

Even if they don’t give you any advice, the fact that they are there to empathize with you and offer a caring ear is more than enough to make the load lighter.

All in all, a support group will keep you focused on getting your life back on track as well as prevent you from harming yourself or others.

3. Channeling Your Negative Energy

Although a group of concerned people is an important step towards recovery, you will also need a way to safely divert all the hatred, sadness and resentment towards something more constructive.

Take advantage of this time by engaging in fun activities you haven’t done in a while. I’m sure you’ll say that this is not a good time to celebrate.

Well the truth is that you have to find ways to relax because it will definitely help you think clearly.

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You can try riding a bike, swimming with friends, taking your dog for a walk, and many other activities that will take your mind off your problems.

It’s really up to you, so choose a hobby that works best for you. The point is that you should find ways to relieve yourself of the tension of infidelity even for just a brief time.

As for me, I love listening to my old albums, preferably rock music on high volume. There is something about the music that helps me regain my strength.  Of course, feel free to put on any music that will help you relax.

While these things won’t directly solve your personal crisis, it certainly will give you the clarity to deal with the hurt.

4. Putting the Pieces Back Together

After you have already prepared yourself, it is time to talk to your partner. Like what I have said before, you have to keep your composure.

Take control of your feelings and keep an open mind. Talk to your partner about the problem and make sure to listen to what he or she has to say.

This phase is probably one of the most difficult encounters you have to face, but it is essential that you work with your partner to resolve the matter.

Keep in mind that you have to work as a team and deal with this issue together.

Although your partner was the one who committed the offense, you are still both equally responsible for the health of your relationship, infidelity or not.

If you have children, there are lots of things to consider. You can’t just decide based on what you are feeling at the moment.

It has to be an educated and well thought of decision.

Think about the big picture and the long term effects of your decision as a couple. I also advise you to consult with a marriage counselor who can help both of you get back on the right track.

Just keep in mind that a counselor will not make your problems magically disappear. Instead, he or she can guide you through a structured way of resolving the issue.

Ultimately, the decision to move past this crisis lies in your collective hands.

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