How to Maintain a Healthy Marriage

All healthy marriages always have the element of balance. This concept can be expressed throughout the different aspects of your relationship.

For instance, team effort is one such way of maintaining the harmony in your marriage.

Both partners in a relationship have to realize that they share an equal responsibility in maintaining a healthy marriage.

The common problem with some couples is that one of the people in the relationship tend to shirk the responsibility to resolve a disagreement if they aren’t the one who started it.

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What they’re forgetting is that as a whole, the health of the marriage is a joint effort – no matter who is causing a given issue.

As separate individuals, we all have the choice to deal with the problem in our lives, or not. This is true even though the problem wasn’t directly caused by your own actions.

Hence, this basic truth still applies to a relationship. This is one of the most important mindsets to have in order to maintain a healthy marriage.

Reciprocation is also another aspect of balance which couple should take note of. However, this goes beyond the simple matter of give and take.

There are two points you should take note of when it comes to returning each other’s efforts.

There are cases where one of the partners feel that he or she is giving more than the other. This can cause a great deal of stress in the marriage because these feelings usually go unspoken.

Thus, a deep-seated resentment will begin to grow and eventually poison your marriage.

As difficult as it may sound, you should not begrudge your partner if you believe that you’re contributing more to the relationship.

Remember that not all people are the same and they may express their love and gratitude in ways different from our own.  Sometimes, you just have to open your eyes enough to the “little” gestures that your partner makes.

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Chances are, they love you in their own way and you just don’t realize it or have grown to take it for granted.

The other point you need to consider is that the acts of kindness you extend should be done so with a free heart.

If you do something for your partner but secretly detest doing so, it defeats the purpose of contributing to the relationship in the first place.

Your gestures and actions form the foundation of your marriage, so whatever you do should be done truthfully without expecting anything in return.

Otherwise, your efforts will turn out hollow and subsequently threaten the health of your marriage.

It may be frustrating for a spouse to feel that he or she is doing all the work in an imbalanced relationship.

Yet, one of the most effective ways to spur your spouse into action is by taking the initiative to make the marriage work.

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