Why Divorce Is Not an Option

In any marriage, the reality of each partner’s differences will eventually catch up to them and could very well lead to divorce.

It’s inevitable for all couples to see each other for who they really are.  Perhaps, the thought of not being married has crossed your mind.

Some people are able to get over their differences and work through them.

However, there are couples who can’t seem to get past the stage where they realize that their marriage isn’t so perfect after all.

The major difference among lots of couples is the desire to peacefully resolve their power struggles.

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That brings us to those marriages that eventually crumble under the weight of their issues – Do you think that turning your back on your spouse and starting anew is the best option for everyone involved?

The real issue here is not about having problems (that is a given) but rather the inability to come to terms with the “reality check” stage in the marriage.

All couples go through this.  The real deciding factor is what to do about it.

That leaves many troubled couples wondering, “Is divorce the right solution?”

Let’s look at it from a certain perspective:  In these modern times, divorce is increasingly becoming a normal trend.

I only refer to it as “normal” in the sense of its frequency.  However, the actual phenomenon is not right in itself.

For many people, trading spouses is the same as buying a new home.  It’s costly, but it can be done.  Then again, you should consider the other circumstances.

First of all, statistics have shown that a second marriage is even more likely to fail.  Who can say that the very same issues you had in the previous relationship won’t present itself again?

Financial-wise, divorce is not simply a matter of paying exorbitant amounts of money to your lawyer.  More often than not, the legal aspect of separation may entail a drawn-out dispute over who gets what.

Chances are, you’re going to fight tooth and nail over the most trivial of assets.

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What embittered couples don’t realize is that divorce is anything but a clean-cut affair.  As the process drags on so will the skyrocketing costs involved.

On the surface, divorce seems like a quick and easy answer to all your marital woes.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite especially if there are children involved.

They will surely have a difficult time trying to understand the reasons behind the split.  Some might even end up feel responsible for what happened.

Young children who are not emotionally and psychologically equipped to deal with such a life-changing event may develop a complex about it later on.

Think about how difficult it is from their end to have to adjust to a new living arrangement.  It will only get worse if one of the spouses decides to move far away along with the children.

They’ll be uprooted from their environment which can be a major source of stress for them.  Besides, no child should ever be made to choose between his mother or father.

During this trying period in your life, a seemingly straightforward workaround is not so simple after all.  The threat of physical harm notwithstanding, a couple should do everything in their power to repair and restore their marriage.

A marriage counselor can offer you the guidance towards your collective effort to undo and learn from the damage that has been done.

However, you should think of a counselor as more of a coach who will keep you focused.  While he or she can identify the problem, you will still be the ones responsible for fixing it.


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