Save Marriage from Common Marriage Problems

Marriage begins with a union of two individuals. This special bond links the couple and enables them to create and share intimate moments and build a long lasting connection.

Marriage is the foundation of family life. It is a perfect merger of love and commitment.

Most of the time, factors of normal everyday life weighs in. This includes children, work, finances, illness, caring for elderly parents, and many more.

All of these things can cause strain to a marital relationship. It can sometimes be the reason why couples grow apart.

It is sad to think that divorce is increasingly becoming popular among couples. Statistics show the rate of divorce rising every single day. More and more couples would rather take the easy way out.

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Here is a list of two of the most common marriage problems in society. Be aware of them before it’s too late.

1. Communication

Communication Deficiency

Communication is vital in a marriage. The lack of it poses great risks to the relationship. In fact, the lack of communication is said to be the number one source of marriage problems in the world.

In any relationship, communication is essential to keep it alive. The lack thereof can branch out to larger problems.

Communicating with your partner is an essential part of the marriage that should be practiced every single day. Sometimes, we get caught up with our daily activities that we forget to talk to the person we love.

Remember that a happy life is one worth living and no one can be happy alone. In a marriage, it is important that you spend quality time with your spouse. Being busy is never an excuse to avoid communicating with your spouse. You have to know what is important and set your priorities straight.


While it’s highly recommended that you keep your marriage communication line open, it is also recommended that you both send and understand what each of you is trying to say.

Miscommunication is a marriage problem that can easily be resolved and overlooked in one fell swoop. All it takes is time and the courage to express what you feel. It is not enough that you send the message; you have to make sure that is a significant and truthful one.

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2. Lack of Intimacy

Familiarity with each other is essential to marriage. Getting to know your spouse doesn’t end with the wedding. In fact, you will notice that learning about each other is a life-long process.

Building your relationship entails a deeper understanding of each other’s similarities and differences. You have to be more familiar with your partner’s quirks so you can find a middle ground and enjoy activities together.

The lack of intimacy poses a threat in your marriage. Make sure that you do activities together that both of you enjoy.

These bonding moments that you share with your spouse are very important to keep your relationship well-nurtured.

Remember, it only takes a little of your time to make sure these needs are met. Communication and intimacy are essential factors to keep a happy and fulfilling marriage.

If not addressed, these can lead to serious relationship dilemmas. Go ahead and do your part. Empower your marriage and live life to the fullest.

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