How to Stay Positive in a Marriage Crisis

marriage-premium The stress of dealing with a chaotic relationship can be very exhausting on many levels.  Uncertainty with your partner is a great source of emotional turmoil and can drain your physical and mental resources.

Under such pressure, it’s easy to crack from the strain of having to manage marital strife.  As such, we have lined up some tips to help you stay positive amidst the conflicting issues that seem to have no resolution in sight.

I hope that these tips give you clarity and help you maintain your sanity as you struggle to save your marriage.

1.         Take Deep Breaths

When you’re faced with seemingly insurmountable problems, you need to find the time and a suitable place to take your mind and body away from the mounting stress.

Many people meditate – or find their inner “Zen” – in order to cope with the crisis at hand.  Select a suitable time during the day when you can sit down, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Allow yourself to relax within the alternating rhythm of inhaling and exhaling.  Imagine all your anxiety and worries being expelled from your body as you breathe out.

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At the same time, make the most of your calm disposition by evaluating and pondering upon the most sensible course of action to take against your issues.  In this relaxed state of mind, it’s much easier to make level-headed decisions which are best for everyone.

Situations that appear impossible to resolve will slowly unravel themselves once you are in an ideal train of thought.

Furthermore, you’re also de-stressing you in the process, giving you the patience and strength to deal with your troubles.  Just make sure that you find a suitable place which is free from disruptions of any kind.

2.         Listen to Music

Extensive studies have proven that music can greatly calm down a worried mind.  Not only does it have soothing properties, it can also diffuse moods defined by tension, worry, and overall grumpiness.

If the weight of your issues seems too much to bear, take the time to listen to your favorite music.  It may not directly address your problems, but it will certainly give you the emotional leverage to handle them.

Periodically relieving one’s self of the accumulated tension goes a long way in enduring marital issues until they are finally resolved.

In a way, artistic expression is very therapeutic so it really helps if you’re able to vent your frustrations through music.

It won’t be hard to sing along to a song with lyrics that somehow mirrors your own situation or emotional state.

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3.   Go Places

Again, diversion and relaxation is the key to staying sane.  That’s why going to places you haven’t been to before can also give you a fresh outlook.

Like my other suggestions, traveling somewhere allows you the breathing room to renew your depleted strength.  The place doesn’t have to be an expensive one – what’s important is that you feel comfortable and welcomed.

It could be a newly opened bookstore if you’re into reading, or perhaps a jog through the new park for the sports-minded.

This keeps you relaxed and regains your focus to face your problems.  To maximize this effect, I personally recommend visiting places which are close to nature.

The presence of flora and fauna has a great calming effect on people, so a nice view of the sunset with a friend or fishing at the lake is more helpful than you might imagine.

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